put an egg on it
June 11, 2015

A current trend around our house is the Mexican-ish breakfast. Mexfast? In the small town we live in now, our only options for breakfast are the local coffee shop (they do make a mean biscuit, though!), fast food spots and the chain diner attached to a gas station…so for us brunch lovers, the best place to do that is at our house. I’ve been repurposing leftover pieces of quesadilla or roasts from the previous night and topping them with eggs, some cilantro, a dash or two of hot sauce. While surfing Pinterest for work, I came across this recipe from Delicious Magazine. It’s not as much a recipe as a little bit of breakfast/brunch inspiration – super easy to throw together and likely works with whatever you have on hand. I didn’t make the guacamole here – just a bit of smashed avocado, salt and lemon smeared on spicy jalapeño cheddar bread. You could do the eggs with chili flake as I did, other types of dried pepper or some splashes of hot sauce or chili oil.