Som Tum Goong Sod

Green papaya salad with shrimp

Yum Woon Sen Ta Lay

Spicy Glass noodle salad with seafood

Vietnamese Spring roll

Stuff with loads of vegetables and shrimps served with peanut sauce

Yum Nua Yang

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Main Dish (Western)

New Zealand Beef Tenderloin

Grilled New Zealand Beef Tenderloin with black pepper sauce and saute mixed vegetable

Salmon Steak

Grilled salmon fillet with white wine cream sauce and mashed potato

Smoked Salmon Salad

Norwegian smoked salmon salad

Thai Curry and Soup

Tom Kha Gai

Chicken in coconut milk

Kaeng Kiew Wan Gai

Thai green curry with chicken

Tom Yum Goong

Spicy prawn soup


Phad Thai Goong Sod

Thai style fried noodle with shrimp and bean spout

Khao Pad Sab Pa Rod

Pineapple fried rice with shrimp topped with shredded dry pork

Khao Rad Krapro Khai Dao

(Selection of meat: Chicken/Pork/Beef/Seafood?Shrimp): Stir-Fried selection of meat with chilli and hot basil served with steam rice and fried egg.

Khao Phad Kratiam Gai

Fried rice garlic with crispy chicken breast